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If we engage your services and you find something illegal will you report us to the regulator?

Rangiriri Consultants is an Independent Health and Safety Advisor we will never report a client to the regulator. 

Rather we will work with you to find a practical solution to the problem.

Why do we need health and safety systems when we are a small administration based business?

Even in small administration based businesses there are hazards and risks that must be identified and controlled. 

The Health and Safety at Work Act is designed to ensure all businesses operate under the same health and safety rules and must be complied with.

If I have an accident when working at home but not in the area dedicated for my work do I need to record the accident?

If you have an accident while working at home during working hours then the accident is deemed a workplace accident and should be recorded in your incident register.

Why do we need to engage a health and safety advisor?

The legislation is complex and difficult to understand. A competent Health and Safety Advisor will be able to direct you to practical ways of applying the law to your business activities.

Do we need to spend a lot of money on health and safety?

No but the money you do spend may save you having hefty fines later on.

What is wrong with common sense?

There is nothing wrong with common sense but common sense is too variable and has led to many workplace injuries.

The Health and Safety at Work Act establishes the minimum standard for health and safety for all businesses in New Zealand.

How do I find a reputable health and safety advisor?

Start with the HASANZ Register. This is a national register of all Qualified, and experienced health and safety professionals who have been scrutinised by their professional bodies.

Undertake due diligence on your selected advisors including following up on their referees.

If WorkSafe NZ phones asking for an appointment can I refuse them.

No. WorkSafe NZ Inspectors right of entry into a workplace exceeds that of the police. Refusal will be seen as obstruction and may result in prosecution.

How come I have been targeted by WorkSafe NZ for an inspection.

A number of factors may have triggered WorkSafe NZ interest in your business. They may be:

  • WSNZ has an industry sector focus they are concentrating on a selection of businesses in your sector may be chosen for a visit.

  • One of your workers may have lodged an ACC claim. ACC & WSNZ work closely with ACC passing information of workplace claims to WSNZ

Do you assist with food safety situations?

No. Food safety is a specialist area that Rangiriri Consultants are not involved in.

Do you undertake Workplace monitoring?

Rangiriri Consultants will refer you to specialist companies who carry out the workplace monitoring operations. We will assist you to interpret the results and to implement any changes required to improve the results.

Will you advise on underground operations?

No, this is outside of our expertise.

Will you monitor asbestos removal from our site?

No, this is the role of a registered asbestos assessor. Rangiriri Consultants will refer you to a suitable person if required.